Gamification: the Shortcut to an Engaged, High-Performing Sales Team

Revolutionize your sales team’s performance with engaging gamification

The “easy button” for higher sales engagement

Incorporating gamification into sales training helps build engagement, motivation and a higher willingness to participate.

This is especially true for younger generations, who have grown up with video games and other forms of interactive entertainment.

By leveraging their existing interests and behaviors, gamification can tap into a powerful source of motivation to heighten engagement.

  • It’s more fun & engaging
    Engagify is the world’s only gamification-first LMS that provides significantly better sales team training & upskilling outcomes, thanks to innovative ideas from the worlds of apps & games.
  • Immediate “real world” feedback
    Gamified sales training can provide a safe space for salespeople to practice real-world scenarios and receive immediate feedback on their performance.
  • Rewards stoke more action
    In-app rewards in the form of points, badges, or other in-app incentives help to create feelings of accomplishment & progress, which can motivate even more learning & improvement.
  • Quicker up-skilling
    Traditional learning methods make it difficult for salespeople to retain information. Gamification allows for playing & learning through experience, which makes it a more memorable and engaging way to learn.
  • Increases competition
    Gamified training can create healthy competition among salespeople by incorporating leaderboards, badges, and other game-like elements which motivate salespeople to work harder and outperform their peers.
  • Builds stronger teamwork
    Gamified training naturally builds stronger teamwork through exercises which encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, working towards common goals, and completing challenges together.
  • Why Engagify is the best choice for your gamified sales training

    We developed this platform for ourselves, and it’s grown organically into a platform that’s fundamentally changING the corporate training landscape for the better.

    Our current best-in-breed features for gamified sales training content are listed below.

    We highly recommend booking a demo with our team to talk about your unique needs, since not all elements of gamification may be needed (or recommended) for your purposes.

  • Points
    Creates a sense of accomplishment & progress as salespeople complete training content, motivating them to continue learning & improving their skills
  • Badges
    Provides a visual representation of progress and achievement, giving a sense of recognition and belonging, and creating friendly competition that drives participation
  • Leaderboards
    Creates competition & accountability, as well as fostering a sense of community and encouraging collaboration
  • “Easter Eggs”
    “Easter Eggs” (hidden surprises & rewards) included into sales team training makes the experience more fun, exciting, and memorable
  • Celebrations
    Just like video games, level-up and accomplishment celebrations help to make the learning experience more fun & memorable
  • Urgency & FOMO
    Adding urgency & “FOMO” to course content really works, and nobody responds to these more than salespeople!
  • Sound Effects
    Creates a more immersive and interactive sales training experience that captures attention
  • Community
    Increased collaboration, bonding & teamwork thanks to our new community functionalities
  • Progress reports
    Understand who’s doing what, and when. Who’s streaking forward, and who may be in danger of falling behind
  • Speaks their language
    Translate an entire course to another language with the click of a button!
  • Completion certificates
    Make a new skill “real” by creating & delivering custom completion certificates in a completely automated way
  • White label
    They’ll never know they’re on Engagify when you white label our platform