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Marisa is the co-founder of Engagify, creator of the Experience Formula, and creator of the Experience Product Masterclass.

She’s also the world’s leading expert in building student engagement in both online & in-person courses & training programs, Marisa offers consulting services & experience design for companies that want to:

  • Improve employee engagement, onboarding, learning & development, retention & growth
  • Create internal experiences that employees LOVE
  • Build customer-facing training & education products which achieve outsized levels of engagement, happiness and rates of repeat business

Ivy-league trained and real-world proven, Marisa is a true pioneer when it comes to turning the principles of gamification to creating engaging educational experiences.

Ajit Nawakha

Ajit Nawakha


Marisa blew everyone away. Not only was my tribe taking furious notes, I was taking notes. Her content and style of training is unique, powerful and gets you moving. She created an experience with video, props and exercises that got our tribe super engaged and led had major breakthroughs.

Bill Baren

Bill Baren


Marisa trained my team on Experience Products and they LOVED it! We’re definitely going to be applying what Marisa teaches in our business. I believe that Marisa’s work is going to be setting the trend for our entire industry. People don’t just want more information, they want experiences


Our consulting services are as unique as the companies who hire us and are tailored to meet the unique needs of each company we work with.

With her deep understanding of the principles of gamification and experience design, Marisa has:

  • redesigned signature programs & courses from the ground up for dramatically increased engagement
  • created entire student and employee program & training curriculums, with accompanying implementation plans

From the self-help industry, to non-profits & charter schools, to Inc 5000 companies, since 2011 Marisa has consulted with and coached the CEOs and executive teams of thousands of companies around the world.

Whether it's creating a custom training program that aligns with your company's goals & values or creating powerful & engaging educational experiences that capture the attention and interest of your employees and customers, Marisa has the proven expertise to help you achieve and exceed your objectives.

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