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As they make progress through your course, students can earn points, appear on the leaderboard, and much more...

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Our 10 Kinds of Unique Gamification

The power & effectiveness of gamification for corporate learning can't be ignored any longer. Thousands of organizations have now used Engagify's gamification principles to increase student happiness while boosting learning engagement & outcomes company-wide.


All the most addictive apps and games give you some kind of points when you take action simply because they're incredibly motivating for humans. But for some reason, it just never caught on for elearning.

That’s why Engagify puts points front and center, a critical feature of your learning experience.

Just add points and learners will want to keep earning them day and night!

Points Everywhere

The golden rule is that whenever a learner takes action, you should give them points.That’s why Engagify gives you the ability to add points anywhere you wish in your elearning content.👍 Give points for: watching training content, quiz responses, document uploads, button clicks, commenting and even just participating in the community!👍 Sound effects help learners anticipate the moment when they earn their points, associating the sound with their own success & achievement.
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Sound Effects

Sound effects is another powerful ingredient to drop into to your learning & development experience.

Sound Everywhere 🔉

Apps & games give sound feedback whenever you take action. We do the same for your learners.Sound effects engage the senses, literally making learners look forward to the moment when they earn their points. What’s more, they can even begin to associate those sounds with their own success and growth!From a real learner: “It was super motivating to check the boxes and hear the sounds!”
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“Level Up” celebrations are a common feature in virtually every single video game for 1 big reason – we love being celebrated for our effort.

But typically, elearning platforms don't celebrate us for anything. It’s just work followed by more work. And that can be demotivating for learners.

We've borrowed the idea of milestone & achievement celebrations and put it to work so that your learners feel constantly validated, seen and celebrated.

Here are the 6 kind of celebrations you can do with Engagify.

Welcome 👋 Celebration

Most elearning environments dump you right into a “wall” of content.This can unintentionally cause overwhelm for learners, and a strong desire to procrastinate diving in.We’ve imagined a different experience — one where learners are welcomed in a new, fun & entertaining way. This interrupts the traditional, expected pattern, and helps learners be open to a new outcome.
NOT like this!
Giant list of course videos

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    Variable Rewards

    Modern psychology tells us¹that the more unpredictable the reward, the more engaging the experience. Counter-intuitively, it’s not rewards themselves that drive engagement, it’s actually the unpredictability of the rewards.

    Engagify incorporates this into your elearning content to make it HIGHLY engaging.

    Random Points

    When students take an action and don’t get what they expected, it puts their brains into a hyper-alert, hyper-engaged mode.And when students are that engaged, it's much easier for them to get into flow, and become lean, mean, learning machines.They're empowered to begin taking massive action and most importantly, having a huge amount of fun too.
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    Human nature responds to urgency.

    When a task has no urgency attached, it will never get done, which is why adding urgent or time-sensitive features to your learning experience can work wonders for engagement and action-taking.

    Custom Countdowns ⌛

    Build urgency with custom countdowns that can be placed anywhere inside your elearning environment.Have them count down to any specific time & date you wish the student to complete the training material by
    • Trigger automations & communications at strategic moments based on time remaining
    • Easily set up “sprints” or time-based contests within cohort-based training content
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    The urge to collect is powerful. That's why the most engaging apps, games & social media platforms use them religiously.

    In Engagify, your students can earn badges as they take action and participate socially.

    Custom Badges 📛

    With Engagify you can create unlimited custom badges which can be given to learners at any point in their learning experience.For example:
    • When they complete some key training content for their department
    • As they participate & engage in the community areas
    • When they complete some key training content for their department As they participate & engage in the community areas When they provide value to others through advice, feedback, coaching or mentoring
    The sky’s the limit when it comes to ways to reward students with badges.
    Examples of badges


    There's a reason why "gym buddies" help us to keep going to the gym when we would have given up. And just like a gym buddy, a great community can help learners stay engaged,, on track and taking action.

    Engagify builds a powerful community for you automatically, right from the very first moment.

    Social Points

    With Social Points, you’re able to incentivize learner engagement in your Community.Award points, badges, prizes, perks, etc when learners interact, provide valuable content, respond & reply to others, and much more...Social Points are proven to increase social engagement by 2-5 times.

    Social Proof

    People love social media. They watch likes and shares closely and discuss anything and everything online. Part of this is for social approval.

    But most online training was designed to be done in isolation. There’s no feedback. Not from the course creator, or anyone else. And that’s demotivating.

    That’s where Xperiencify shines. It incorporates fun ways for your students to get important social approval & feedback and have a little fun too.


    Up to 70% of us are naturally highly competitive -- which is why leaderboards are so popular in apps & games.They can turn boredom into excitement, letting learners know how they're doing as compared to others.And when the only way to rise in the rankings is to take action, leaderboards encourage learners to do just that.
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