Effective Compliance Training Saves Money By Avoiding Costly Problems

When employees aren’t aware of important laws, policies, regulations and standard operating practices, it can quickly become a costly problem.
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How the right LMS transforms employee compliance training

When employees aren’t up to date with all relevant law, as well as critical company policies, regulations, standard operating practices and all the other boring “legal stuff”, it can quickly turn into a costly legal nightmare.

Engagify’s unique tools make it easy to add fun, competition & excitement into the learning experience, so employees enjoy the experience, so they actually learn what they’re supposed to learn!

  • Reduced legal risk
    Compliance training helps organizations ensure that they are adhering to relevant laws and regulations, which can help prevent legal issues and fines.
  • Increased efficiency
    When employees are trained on compliance issues, they understand their responsibilities and can perform their duties in a way that meets compliance requirements. This can help improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Enhanced reputation
    Organizations that are seen as compliant with relevant laws and regulations may be viewed more favorably by customers, clients, and other stakeholders. This can help improve the organization's reputation and build trust with these groups.
  • Faster issue detection
    Compliance training helps organizations identify and mitigate potential risks related to compliance issues. This can help reduce the likelihood of negative consequences and protect the organization from costly mistakes or legal issues.
  • Why employee compliance training is better with Engagify

    The words “compliance training” are usually synonymous with “boring”, and employees are good at finding ways to avoid it, or interact in a disengaged way, which dramatically reduces its benefit to your company.

    So why use Engagify’s unique gamification tools to turn your compliance training into an amazing experience they’ll not only actually enjoy, but an achievement they’ll feel also proud of when they’re done.

  • Fun & engaging gamification
    Engagify is the world’s only gamification-first LMS that provides significantly better employee compliance training outcomes, thanks to innovative ideas from the worlds of apps & games.
  • Increased motivationIncreased motivation
    Gamification can provide incentives and rewards for employees who successfully complete compliance training, which can help motivate them to participate and do well.
  • Keep them engaged ‘til the end
    Engagify’s deep gamification allows you to build stories, adventures, contests and other experiences which keep them wondering what’s next, and wanting to take the next step.
  • Engagify uses the latest research into engagement to deliver higher & better learning outcomes for all humans.